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Welcome to the shop of La Luna

With the purchase of these products you are not only contributing to your evolution but also to the benefit of Women in different countries that produce them. This is how we all grow.

Vibrational, Essential Oils

(made by Alquimia Cíclica from Spain) 

The Cyclical Alchemy line of vibrational oils is born from the deep desire that every woman begins to recognize the Great Goddess that she is, to remember to Love (herself), to allow herself to Be, to honor her menstrual blood and her cycles so linked to Grandmother Luna, Father Sol, and the dance, also cyclical, of Mother Earth.

Higienic and Ecological Napkins

(made by Lunas Ecuador) 

The napkins are made from 100% ecological cotton fabrics, are hypoallergenic, keep us cool, prevent allergies, infections and do not produce bad odors.


Using this napkins means having comfortable, irritation-free periods, avoiding unnecessary exposure to synthetic ingredients in disposable towels and tampons.


The women who use Lunas napkins go from living sick and hating our periods, to being women who love and accept our cycles with autonomy and coherence.