Female Empowerment Arts

From the earliest times the Moon was considered the motor that moves and influences the waters, the Feminine's emotions on earth, it was considered the most imposing fertility force for the earth and women, as well as a guide to the knowledge of cyclicity in plants, animals, waters, fields and humans, also to this day are shared in the mythology of Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America; the myths about the deities surrounding her whom they revered.

Among these wonderful Goddesses we have some of great influence such as Artemis, Hecate, the triple Goddess Wicca in Europe, in Asia and India Wu gang, Chan xi and Laksmi, Chandra In the Americas, Ixchel, Mama Killa, Yemanya, Chia, Igaluk, and Muuya, among many others, were honored in different cultures and religious beliefs, thus leaving clear evidence in their myths of their influence on human consciousness.

This being an attempt to rescue that Lunar consciousness in these modern times since the Moon has always existed and has been the Grandmother, Mother or Sister of Women and which brings us the gift of the nature of the cycles.


From this understanding and from living and feeling La Luna in me, born "La Luna Empowerment Arts" as a life projekt to return to honor us, our fertility and to embodyment the Goddess within and live in each one of us.

This proposal is based on sharing tools that make us aware of this cyclicality and how to live it in synchronicity and total acceptance as part of our feminine essence.

Here you will find an approach to that cyclical, fertile, powerful and sacred part of you through our dance workshops, Women's deepening Retreats, Women's circles and in the accompaniment sessions and that I offer you for your cycling and with the opportunity to manifest rites of passage for girls and adult women. As well as with the products created by other great women to support you in your daily life and in your relationship with yourself and the Earth.
Allow yourself to live the Goddess Woman who is within you, the knowledge that lives in you.
La Luna and me invite you to be and live it.

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The project

With a very integral and real base La Luna Project dares to dream high to bring back the Women's School to Europe; a place that formerly in the pre-patriarchal time in the communities and towns existed to  practice the rites of passage or initiations for Women, the Motherhood and the mystery of cyclicity in Nature and in the Women and their connection, which has been of vital importance for the maintenance of the life of different peoples since from this connection it was known how the harvests, weather, rains and droughts as well as the times to connect and thank Earth.

how can we live without it today?

will establishing this connection be a vital part of our life to live better on earth?

we are sure about this. 

For this School of Women in our modern times, our Project is to find a House with land in the nature of Europe (close to the Sea or close to the forest) to rent or to buy that lease on long terms, which also has the structure to put it at the service of female growth; where every woman he wants can be a part to come to discover himself.

A Seminarhaus, a school for Workshops, Retreats, Encounters and exchanges where me , Grandmothers and Women of Knowledge that i know will be invited to share Wisdom that supports the Evolution of each Woman and where all women find a place for rest, sharing and exchange and the awakening of their full consciousness through the different activities proposed by La Luna School of Female Arts and this way together create a base that helps the growth of society, because if it grows Women, Men grow up, the Family and so the awareness of the actions that change the relationship between us, with us and our Planet grows.

We consider it of great importance that in the World more spaces be dedicated to cultivating the knowledge of the Human Being from a perspective that embraces the natural and true of our essence as Humans and our environment...                   

This is our intent.

In order to continue developing this project and reach its completion we will start at the end of 2021 with a private campaign here on our website among our friends, acquaintances and followers to collect ideas, impulses and donations that contribute to the realization of this Vision and its purpose, we ask for your support, if you consider that it is important to you and the world that these places exist again here in Europe.

Any kind of contribution is welcome and we will keep in our file all kinds of contributions and when we start our campaign we will share it.

Feel free to make a contribution to this dream or not.

For questions you can write to me and for your donations click here and you will connect with my PayPal.
If you feel called to support this Project; you are welcome!

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