The breasts are a symbol of femininity, establishing contact with them
reconnects with our nutritional capabilities. The Female Temple oil us
Helps to do this beautiful job with a breast massage.

Made during the four lunar phases (starting on a full moon), to
receive the energy of each one of them, and ritualized with minerals and prayers
Breast massage is a way of giving love to ourselves and
our body, helps hormonal balance and therefore the regulation of your
menstrual cycle, and to detoxify since the breasts are receptor channels of
You can do the breast massage, a daily ritual, activate the energy of
love, creativity, joy, nutrition and wealth.
You can do it in the morning to start the day well, connecting with you
Same in a more conscious way, or at night to go to sleep more

How to massage:
• Find a quiet place where you are comfortably. Leave your breasts to
• Rub your hands distributing the oil and until you feel the activation of the
energy in them.
• Place your hands on your breasts, close your eyes and breathe feeling your
size, its texture, its heat ... Allow yourself to feel.
• Apply a massage in circles, first from the inside out and then outside the
inward. The movements are smooth, applying a brief pressure without
make it painful. Let yourself be guided by your intuition.
• You can finish the massage by leaving your hands in contact with your ovaries or
with the connection between heart and uterus.

You can do the massage daily, during a bath, shower or after
this, or anytime you want.
It is very beneficial to practice it during ovulation and the pre-menstrual phase,
to relieve the congestion and / or pain that appear during the menstrual phase.

Complete list of ingredients:
Sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus) macerated in bellis (Bellis
perennial flowers), essential oil of sage (Salvia sclarea), oil
lavender essential (Lavandula angustifolia), cananga essential oil
(Cananga odorata), geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens), vitamin
E (tocopherol).

100% organic ingredients. 100% natural, free of transgenics.

Female Temple Oil

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