Hygienic & Ecological napkins
(made by Lunas Ecuador) 

Size: Large

are made from 100% cotton fabrics, are hypoallergenic, keep us cool, prevent allergies, infections and do not produce bad odors.
Using this napkins means having comfortable, irritation-free periods, avoiding unnecessary exposure to synthetic ingredients in disposable towels and tampons.
The women who use Lunas napkins go from living sick and hating our periods, to being women who love and accept our cycles with autonomy and coherence.
Lunas  Individual 
Average size : 17 euros
The environmental impact of disposable towels is aggressive with nature, polluting raw materials are used to produce them, with “dirty” processes such as the extraction of oil and its derivatives. 
Dare to be part of the solution with Lunas napkins!

Eco-Cotton Sanitary Napkin L

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