Who am I?

(Woman, Mother, Sister, Wife,Teacher & Dancer of life) 

I born in Colombia and I have been living in Germany for a good time; country where I emerged as a dancer of contemporary and Flamenco, thus creating my own productions with Performances in Berlin and my own ensembles as a Flamenco Dancer in various countries in Europe.

In my life as a dancer, i teach Flamenco in Germany, Colombia and Chile.

About my carreer

In the search to deepen the wisdom of the body and movement I became a Somatic Dance movement Dancer, dedicating my time to projects in addition to teaching in different places and events in Berlin.

Recreating from these years I have experienced a more holistic perspective on myself and what I wanted to convey.


Coming through the experiences of Woman as being a Mother; in me wake up a deep feminine essence, in which I was able to deepen thanks to the exchange with Mamas and Grandmothers, Masters and Grandparents of different ancestral cultures of Latin America who have given me their hearts, wisdom & recognition as  a daughter of these legacy.

I received the immense gift of becoming a bridge for representatives of cultures and ancestral traditions and tribes  here in Europe, like the Cofan tribe, the Mayas Quiche and the Mexicas, together we open the door to the first Circles of Ancient Wisdom in Germany, Italy, Greece and Poland.

I was initiated by Mothers of these cultures in the feminine path what i am walking today where i am able to share the deep, mysterious and powerful of the Sacred Feminine and the conscience of life, then i create Women Circles and Retreats to share in a very simple way everything that I had managed to integrate through the wisdom of these cultures.

I found the Sacred Dance in my life and which has allowed me to embody everything I have learned and thus be able to transmit it.

Recently i worked as a teacher in the high School in Germany and receive the gift of trust of young people and with them I saw clearly the need in young girls to be guided in their femininity then i create spaces for young Women where they can find the red thread that connects them with the cyclicality of their bodies in a deep, confident and light way.

For some time ago i started to share part of this path in my workshops and Intensives at the framework of different Festivals among which the Festival der Weiblichkeit in Berlin and Agape Zoe Festival in Berlin and Hamburg, seeking to create there a unique space for the growth of Women.

After this long journey, a divine marriage is created among the sources that have nourished me, thus reaching the integration of Sacred Dance, ancient wisdom and my awakened femininity ... that's how it is born La Luna Female Empowerment Arts to share my own path and history based on the knowledge of body language, ancient memory, dance and the sacred Feminine.


Thank you for reading me and feel welcome to join!